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ABOUT HOAEVA.COM is a website specializing in providing professional flower and gift services to all provinces and cities across the country. With the message “Flower Delivery Expert”, we aim at a professional service in conveying the messages and emotions of the giver to the recipient.

Operation orientations of

Linking and supporting fresh flower shops across the country in providing services in the field of fresh flowers.
Building a professional flower power network spreading across provinces and cities across the country.
Complete quality control and delivery processes.
Provide successful models and models in fresh flower business to individuals and organizations under the franchise model.
Focus on supplying domestic flowers and domestic materials.
Develop supporting service industries to support the delivery of flowers and gifts.
Research and apply information technology in the development of fresh flower industry.
Along with the goal of developing Vietnam’s fresh flower industry and bringing the Vietnamese fresh flower market to a new level, at the same time creating many jobs for people, farmers in the fresh flower industry and handicraft industries. other profession. is determined to constantly learn and create to produce the most unique, impressive and unique flower arrangements.