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섹스한국, 우리나라의 섹스 문화 변화와 현대 사회적 영향


(영문번역) Sex in Korea: The Complexities and Realities

Sexuality is a subject that often elicits a variety of reactions in Korea due to the influence of Confucianism, which emphasizes filial piety and the maintenance of social harmony over individual desires. However, despite the conservative stance of the past, modern Korean society has undergone drastic changes in recent years. While sex is still a taboo topic in some circles, it has entered the public domain in ways that would have been unheard of just decades ago.

The historical background of sex in Korea

Sexual repression in Korea can be traced back to the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910), a Confucian patriarchal society that prohibited explicit references to sexual activity. Confucianism was the guiding philosophy of Joseon and its emphasis on discipline and respect for authority meant that sex was never discussed openly. This cultural focus on modesty and restraint continued in the 20th century with conservative governments that enforced strict codes of conduct on sexuality.

However, starting in the 1980s, Korea began to experience a social and cultural shift known as the “Miracle on the Han River,” which transformed the country from a military dictatorship to a democratic nation. This period marked an era of rapid modernization, technological advancements, and economic growth.

A byproduct of this growth was a loosening of the previously tight social and cultural constraints surrounding sex. Sexual expression began to enter mainstream culture through music, television, and movies. The rise of social media further allowed people to share sexual content and engage in online communities that focused on explicit themes.

Sexual education in Korea

Despite the social shift toward sexual openness, sex education in schools remains a controversial topic in Korea. Sex education is not explicitly taught in schools and discussions about sex are often avoided by teachers and parents alike. Instead, students are taught about sex during biology lessons where the focus is on reproductive health rather than sexual behavior.

There is a growing awareness of the need for comprehensive sex education in Korea due to rising rates of teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. However, there remains resistance from conservative groups who believe that educating children about sex would lead to promiscuity.

Sexual minorities in Korea

While sexual minorities face significant obstacles in Korea, attitudes towards LGBTQIA+ individuals are slowly changing. Homosexuality was not decriminalized until 2003, and the law prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation was only passed as recently as 2007.

Despite these changes, life for LGBTQIA+ individuals in Korea remains difficult. Homophobia and transphobia are still prevalent, and discrimination is rife. Same-sex couples are not legally recognized and are excluded from adoption rights and inheritance.

The porn industry in Korea

Pornography was banned in Korea until 2015, when the law was revised to permit the production and sale of pornographic material. However, strict regulations remain in place to control the content and distribution of such material. The pornography industry in Korea is relatively small due to the strict regulations and social stigma attached to the consumption of pornography.

FAQ 섹션:

1. Is premarital sex legal in Korea?

Premarital sex is not illegal in Korea. However, it is still frowned upon in some conservative circles.

2. Can you buy condoms in Korea?

Yes, condoms are widely available in Korea. They can be purchased from drugstores, convenience stores, and supermarkets.

3. How do Koreans view casual sex?

Koreans generally have a conservative view of casual sex, but attitudes are changing among younger generations. Pre-marital sex has become more common in urban areas, and there is growing acceptance of sex before marriage.

4. What is the legal age of consent in Korea?

The legal age of consent in Korea is 20 years old. However, the age of consent for same-sex couples remains 18 years old.

5. Is prostitution legal in Korea?

Prostitution is illegal in Korea. However, sex work exists underground in certain areas and is a controversial topic in Korean society.

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